Work from Home Concept😁😊..lockdown special😉.

I pretty much enjoyed the scenario initially, simply because I never had to get up and deck myself up to reach the office at a certain point of time. 
I could be the lazy me myself and still was able to function and earn a living. All the presentations, official video calls were attended by me in my pajamas and formal shirts. Life seemed to sail through smoothly😊 as i could lie down for a bit…munch in to my loved ones and be around them till i realised the underlying spillovers 😉.

As work pressures at both ends resumed to being normal, sadly the newness became familiarity and working from couch became uncomfortable and less productive. 
The reality had struck me bad that office was a separation of my work time and my home time.

I never thought i would say, damn i miss my office😁😁😊✌️

Published by Hermiosa

🖌️writing my heart out..

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